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"The STARTER Berlin Acting School is a place for both upcoming and established actors to develop their skills, a safe harbor for them to experience the art of acting. As the head of the STARTER school, I personally don't believe there is a single path to success. I think everybody has to discover and walk their very own path, a unique way to tell their stories. We equip our students with a broad range of acting techniques so they can challenge themselves, grow as artists, and act truthfully, balancing the use of their body, mind, soul and voice. I love to support all our students, each with his/her individual characteristics, and enjoy seeing people from around the world coming together and working intensely in our acting classes. What touches me deeply is that through our work we are in constant dialogue with one another about the meaning of life. Precisely at times like these, when communication is desperately needed to find solutions across borders and boundaries, it’s important that actors not hide behind masks but be courageous and come forward to tell their stories with both power and softness. Only when our hearts are touched and our minds motivated can change and hope be realized in our societies. We can all do our small part, and when many “small parts” fit together, we will make the world a better place for ourselves and each other."